A sculptural installation that will serve as the gateway to Woodland Park.

Houston's second oldest park.

(artist's rendering)

Our goal is to create a beacon through Firefly Field to attract new visitors thereby illuminating the presence of this historic park. Firefly Field, by Houston sculptor Dylan Conner, pays homage to the park’s unique riparian forest and bayou. In the shadow of downtown and bordered by the frenetic freeways, Firefly Field will guide visitors to a magical respite from the noise and concrete of urbanization.

The fireflies will be individual and unique in flight attitude. The fireflies will have an illuminated abdomen with sophisticated LED lighting that can be programed in a flashing pattern for dusk and dawn every day of the year and the colors of the lights can be programed for special occasions such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentines Day, Mardi Gras and Fourth of July.

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Woodland Park is the second oldest park in Houston and is located in the nexus of Houston’s cultural fabric. The park reflects Houston’s diversity with its own varied history.


 Friends of Woodland Park - Crowds gather at Highland Park, eventually renamed to Woodland Park.

once a houston destination

Established as a destination park offering such turn-of-the century attractions as pavilions, dancing and boating, it was soon deeded to the city and quickly became an active center of the community. Through the 1960’s it saw school field trips, dances in the gym, movie nights, and untold amounts of outdoor fun in the woods surrounding the bayou.

suffering from neglect

By the 80’s the park had fallen into disrepair and disuse. It was a drive-by feature used by those with a singular community center park activity. The park’s most defining attribute, the refuge of woods and bayou in the shadow of downtown, had become overgrow and therefore forgotten.

Visitors numbers were so low the park was on a short list of potential park closures.

 Friends of Woodland Park - Tires pollute the bayou at Woodland Park as a result of illegal dumping in Houston, Texas.

 Friends of Woodland - Our cleanup crew.


Efforts by Friends of Woodland Park to reconnect the community with the park have been so successful that usage has increased several fold particularly in the outdoor spaces. The park visitors represent all of Houston’s diversity reinforcing our belief that this park is indeed at the heart of a vibrant community.

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each tree has two unique fireflies.

(artist's rendering)

The Great Lawn visually leads to the woods and trails of Woodland Park. With its enchanting appeal it will attract people to gather in its shadow and will encourage visitors to explore the woods.

The fireflies will soar 17-feet above the ground and will be surrounded by a landscaped bed of native grasses and wildflowers which will be set in the gateway corner of the park’s Great Lawn, a natural gathering place for festivals, picnics, conversations and playing.

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